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Throughout my time at Baldwin Wallace, I have done my fair share of procrastinating. Somehow (and it is still a mystery to me) I always manage to get my work done just in the knick of time, and it usually receives a decent grade. This past week, myself and one of my good friends decided we would stay up late and catch up on all of our school work. We migrated from building to building because eventually as it grew later into the night, the buildings on campus began to close. We started off in the Lou Higgins Recreation Center and packed up at 11:00pm when it shut down. Then we moved to Ritter (the university library) until midnight. Finally, we walked over to the Math and Computer Science Building (MACS); why we did not just start there, I will never know. MACS is open 24 hours for students, you just need to swipe your Jacket Express to get in. He and I found a quiet room in the middle of the building; this was a prime location because it was right next to the computer lab and printing station. (BW seems to always have the best supplies for it's students to work with.) Even though we got a lot of work done, we managed to find time to search YouTube and discover some hilarious videos. (Studying is important but you also need to find time to keep it light.) When we grew hungry, we stopped by the lounge and raided the vending machines with our Jacket Expresses; Dr. Pepper was a solid choice to keep me awake. I ended up leaving MACS around 4:00am. I was very happy when I got home that night because even though I sacrificed a great deal of sleep, I was able to get a lot accomplished. I am glad one of my friends needed to do homework, otherwise I may not have been motivated to get my work done. That's all for now.