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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


It has finally come; that time of year every college student loves to see pop up on their calendars. SPRING BREAK! We have from March 2nd until Sunday, March 11th to do whatever we want. (Well, pretty much whatever we want LOL.) Last year, I went home for the break and spent time with family and local friends. It was pretty relaxing; just to be able to sit around and “chill.” However, this year I have become a lot closer with a group of friends at BW, so we will be “taking our talents south” for the week off. We planned the trip out a long time ago, so our reservations are all set for Myrtle Beach. There are seven of us going, so it is bound to be a good time. I loved going home last year and spending time with my family, but this trip will be nice. It is a much needed “split” from reality. I am sure that after next week, I will be saying, “Gosh, I cannot wait to get back to school.” That’s all for now.