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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

So Many Opportunities

Since coming to Baldwin Wallace, I have had numerous opportunities presented to me that I would have never had if I would have chosen another university. The location of BW, twenty minutes away from downtown Cleveland, allows students to attend various events. I am an avid sports fan and am devoted to the local professional teams. I try to attend at least one Browns, Indians, and Cavs game a year; sometimes the tickets are cheaper due to the fact that the teams are having a down season, so I can afford to go to more. Just yesterday I was able to go to the I-X Center and walk-through the Annual Golf Show. They had a lot of equipment and other golfing necessities. This was very interesting to me since there is nothing like this where I grew up. Also, BWU is closely located to a variety of highly regarded school districts. This helps me because I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher when I graduate. The plethora of schools around our campus helps me to gather experience, while in my methods courses, with my future profession. I love the opportunities that BW has presented me with. That’s all for now.