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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Another Semester has Started

The first week of classes is already in the books, and it looks like I am in for a busy semester. I only have sixteen credit hours but it feels like so much more; I am in class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00am until 2:00pm. I do have a break for lunch, but it is only forty-five minutes long. This short period of time limits what I have the opportunity to eat. Since I am an Education major and am in my junior year, most of my classes are methods courses. These classes give me the chance to go out and explore my future career; this helps to ensure that I will be prepared to teach young children when I graduate from BW. Another one of my courses is Religion and Violence. I scheduled this class to fulfill the core requirements that are expected of all students at the university. I believe it will be an interesting class filled with intriguing discussions. The only downfall of this semester is that I have two night classes; it’s really hard to go to class at 6:15pm when you would rather just hang out with friends. However, one thing I have learned since becoming a college student is that you have certain responsibilities that you must attend to. Going to class will ultimately help to ensure that you are successful when it comes to academics. To go along with my school work, I also have eight hours scheduled for work study at the REC center. This will make for an interesting spring because I will really have to do a great job of managing my schedule. I am sure I will be okay, as long as I keep things organized. It is a good thing the people at Baldwin Wallace truly care about students like me; they help make sure that I am successful when it comes to my time management skills. That’s all for now.