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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

“How Have You Made Someone’s Day?”


I was walking down the staircase in the Boesel building at the Conservatory when I came upon this little note on the floor: ”How Have You Made Someone’s Day?” It got me thinking, how have I made someone’s day today? What have I done to put a smile on someone’s face?
This small piece of paper made me more alert to the ways that people are making a difference around campus. I decided to volunteer for a couple of the service opportunities in the area. There are many different ways to get involved around BW during the Christmas season. I did some volunteering with the Christmas gift collection and helped make ornaments for the Berea retirement home. It really got me into the Christmas spirit. I have decided to make a bigger effort to give back during all times of the year. I want to make someone’s day on a more regular basis.