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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Campus Beat Story

I am in a Journalism Workshop class this semester. We have been learning all about the methods of journalism for the past thirteen weeks. Now I know how to write a lead, how to choose good quotes, and how to put the story in an order that is understandable. We’ve been writing mock stories for a while now to hone these skills, but the real test of our skills is going to come out of the campus story that we are required to turn in with our portfolio at the end of the semester.

We were required to choose a “beat” on campus to follow and find news. I chose to follow service around campus. I interviewed a couple of different service groups around campus and found some interesting news in the Office of Community Outreach. I got a good angle one a story for OCO.  There aren’t many men who volunteer for service at BW. Why is that? What is OCO doing to fix that? I wrote the rough draft of my story and turned it in last week. The story was good, but there is a lot that I need to change. This class has really educated me on journalism and I am so happy I took it.