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Laundry Day :(

There comes a time about once every two weeks when a girl realizes she has accumulated enough laundry in her laundry basket to use it as a comfortable bean bag chair. When this day comes, she realizes that the laundry can no longer be ignored (no only because she has a new accessory in her room, but also because she is quickly running out of clean underwear). Yesterday, I realized that laundry day was way overdue.

Laundry day is a difficult time if you live on the third floor of North Hall. It is full of carrying heavy laundry baskets up and down three flights of stairs as well as having to wait hours for your loads to wash and dry (not to mention the possible time spent waiting for an available washer or dryer). The nice thing about laundry at BW is that you don’t have to worry about carrying around quarters to put into the machine because you can use your Jacket Express card. The main rule of thumb with laundry is to not let it get to beanbag status and you will be just fine.