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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Oh, You're Jacket's Empty? You Must Have Got a Salad!

I was eating at Lang Dining hall with my friend and her boyfriend the other day. My friend’s boyfriend got a salad with a steak and the steak was pretty spendy but the salad actually ended up being two dollars more! I couldn’t believe it! I began looking around at the other prices that our dining halls charge us and I realized that most things that are healthy like salads and fruit are much more expensive than hamburgers, fries, and desserts. I realized that this problem is probably consistent in universities all over the country. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THE FRESHMAN FIFTEEN PEOPLE!!! It is not because we are eating too much (well that might be the case in some situations), it is because we are afraid to spend too much on food! Unhealthy stuff is cheap, yummy, and easy to get. BW should lower the prices on the salads and fruits to encourage their students to eat healthier. I know I would appreciate the gesture!