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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The New "Totem Pole" On Campus

Since the first day of the semester I have been walking past a large tree trunk about thirteen feet tall every morning on my way to Calculus. I wonder why there is a large tree trunk standing in the middle of the parking lot. Why would they cut of the tree at that height? Was it an accident? What is the point of cutting down a tree when the trunk was so big in the first place? What about all of those homeless squirrels?

My questions were answered this week when I saw a woman standing up on scaffolding carving out the tree trunk. It looks so cool! There is a yellow jacket on one side of the tree trunk with the other side bearing the face “YJ4L” (Yellow Jackets For Life)


It’s great that BW is adding more art to the campus. The new “totem pole” looks really nice. It is a great way to start off my killer 8 am mornings.