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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Getting Back to Normal is Hard Sometimes

Here we are back at school from an unscheduled break thanks to Hurricane Sandy and, I admit, it was hard to get out of bed today. I was faced with a strange feeling of dread as I dragged my body to my 8:00am Calculus I class that I usually don’t feel. It might be due to the fact that I have a cold, or it may be because I had a blast at my friend’s house over the five day break.

I got to hand out candy to little kids on Halloween, eat candy and cookies, get home cooked meals, hang out with my friends little brothers and sister, go shopping, watch movies, play cards, and sleep in. It almost felt like I was back home with my family! The break was a great time, however I know that good things cannot last forever because there are things that need to get done at school. My consolation as I walked to class Monday morning was that Thanksgiving break is in about two weeks!!! Keep working hard BW, break is almost here!