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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

BW Gets Crazy About Voting

Now that the 2012 presidential election is over, I would like to congratulate the students and staff of BW for their persistence and dedication in getting people to vote. As early as the beginning of September, I remember people walking around the Union with clipboards asking students if they were registered to vote for the election. There were many resources we had as students to  register, so there was really no excuse for not voting. I was already registered as an absentee in my state of Alaska so I actually voted by mail weeks before the actual results were available, but I appreciated the efforts of people to get BW students to fufill their civic duty (especially in a state where it matters so much).

Here is view of the many pieces of sidewalk art found around campus on election day encouraging students to vote.

As the election drew closer there were booths at the Union urging students to vote. The college Democrats and Republicans were making students aware of what their candidate stood for and why they should support them. We even had Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan come visit campus. I enjoyed being in Ohio on the BW campus during such a critical election because I felt like I was able to witness one of the most important parts of the election in such a critical state. Thank you to those who voted! Being able to vote is part of being an American and something we should all be thankful we have the right to do.