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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Fall Colors are Fading Fast

Fall has quickly become my favorite holiday ever since I came to Ohio for college. The colors here are so much brighter, beautiful, and last a lot longer than back home. In Alaska, it seems like fall only lasts a couple of weeks and then the snow is upon us and everything is one color: white. In Ohio, fall lasts long enough for me to hear people talking about how excited they are about pumpkin spice lattes and ugg boots. In Alaska, fall lasts long enough for me to hear about people complaining about getting their snow tires on. Then the snow hits and all you hear are people freaking out about how they didn’t get snow tires.


Here is a picture of two beautiful pictures that I took right outside the Lindsey Crossman Chapel on my way to class in Marting Hall. As much as I’m looking forward to the snow showing up because I do love how clean snow makes everything looks, I hope that the fall colors stay a little longer. I’ll get my fair share of snow when I go home for Christmas! Please stay a little longer fall!