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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

What Did I Just See...?

I was walking through the rec center parking lot last week with my friend Lauren when I saw something that deeply disturbed me. Well, I was only disturbed for a second before I realized it was fake. I saw a plastic (but very real looking) foot hanging out of the trunk of a car! I like it when people do stuff like this around Halloween. It’s the little stuff that makes me laugh and appreciate all that October brings: falling leaves, scarfs, and disembodied limbs.

I love seeing people having fun around campus and making the most of the Halloween season. For instance, I know that Humans vs. Zombies has been going on around campus and I’ve seen them going at it and getting really into dressing up. I think it’s funny when people get so into this game because it’s nice to see college age people acting like kids again. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we have to act like it all of the time!


Tags: Halloween, Pranks, Fun!