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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Vital Importance of Sleep

Back in high school I would always stay up really late doing homework, but ever since I’ve arrived at Baldwin Wallace I can’t seem to be able to stay up later than midnight. Most nights I go to bed at eleven. I know it sounds kinda pathetic, but I think that I can finally understand the importance of a good solid eight hours of sleep.

Sleep helps you understand things a lot easier. I have an eight o’clock calculus class four days a week and when I get a solid eight hours of sleep derivatives seem like more to me than learning a foreign language. I know it sounds lame, but a good nights sleep is more important than any fun I have at a late night out because the next day will be ten times worse than it would have been if I had gone to sleep at a decent hour. Remember friends, SLEEP IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!