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My Tree

Living in Alaska my whole life, I have not really experienced the true season of fall. Where I’m from we have two seasons: winter and pre-winter. Our fall season literally lasts about two weeks. The leaves fall off the trees over the course of about two days and then the dreaded snow comes. I haven’t admitted this to many people, but the beautiful fall seasons were a large factor in my decision to go to Baldwin Wallace. Forget school, I’m here for the foliage!! Jk jk, I’m definitely here to get an education. The colorful trees are just a perk.

There is this one tree in North Quad that is absolutely breathtaking. It is completely pink with a halo of leaves around its base that have already fallen off. My friends try to avoid walking by it with me now because I usually pull out my phone and start snapping pictures like I just saw Brittany Spears eating ice cream at the local Dairy Queen. I have quite a collection of candids of that pink beauty. I’ve even begun to refer to it as “my tree” (at which my ever supportive friends roll their eyes) because I’m pretty sure I am the only one who can truly appreciate its beauty seeing as how there are no trees like it back home.

This is only the beginning my friends. Most of the trees on campus are only half changed, so we have a lot to look forward to. I can’t wait to put on my scarf and fall coat and jump into a giant pile of leaves that don’t have the coat of bitter winter frost on them. I am excited to actually hear the crackle of leaves under my feet as I walk to class instead of discovering the thick coat of soggy crap and snow stuck to the bottom of my shoes. Basically, I am excited not to experience another Alaskan “fall.” Thank you BW for this wonderful experience.