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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Fall Break with Grammy

I am so excited about fall break this year because I will not be spending it alone on campus doing homework while everyone else is at home or with family. My Grammy and her sister are coming to visit me on Friday for fall break! I will be able to see someone from my family in Alaska! I haven’t seen her for about three months, so it will be awesome to talk and catch up with her. She said that she wants to take me out to dinner and have me show her around the campus.

I think that I’ll show her to all of the buildings that I take classes in: Kamm, Kleist, the Conservatory, and Malicky. I think I’ll also show here all of the cool things around campus. I’ll take her to Coe Lake, downtown Berea, and maybe around Cleveland. I was thinking that she would like to see the Cleveland Museum of Art and maybe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Whatever we do together, it’s just going to be really great to see my grandma.