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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Ball Pit in the Union!

Today I was getting lunch after Statistics in the Union with my friend Lauren like always. We were coming from getting lattes in the Cyber Café when we walked into the union lobby and found a large ball pit. There was a banner above the ball pit saying: Make a New Friend. The object of the pit was to have two people sit in the ball pit together and ask each other questions that they chose out of a bucket. Normally, I wouldn’t be at all interested in sitting in a ball pit because they are giant pink eye factories waiting to happen, but today I was feeling whimsical


Lauren and I decided to try out the activity. We took off our shoes and settled into the partially inflated kiddy pool filled with hard plastic balls that felt like rocks digging into your body if you sat down to hard. I learned a lot about Lauren- a friend that I consider one of my closest. For example, I learned that if Lauren was a superhero her chosen superpower would be to eat as much as she wanted without gaining weight. It was interesting how much I learned about a friend what I thought I knew very well just by sitting in a ball pit and rapping things out.