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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Cool Cleveland: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

My grandma drove me up to Berea two weeks early for RA training and we had the chance to do a little bit of sightseeing. So what does good old Cleveland have to offer you ask? Well… I guarantee that there’s more to that town then you think. We have diehard Browns fans (which in my opinion are as dedicated and loyal as fans come), Haley Berry was born here (that’s got to count for something), and, of course, who could forget the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


My grandma had been looking forward to seeing the Rock Hall since we planned our little trip last May and it did not disappoint. There were seven floors of rock awesomeness to walk through, point at, and reminisce about. The main exhibit was a tribute to the Rolling Stones because they just did another tour. Personally, I was just super impressed that Mick Jagger could still contort his body like he used to 50 years ago. That alone is talent my friends. I also couldn’t help but notice how tiny a lot of rock legends were. They probably could have shopped in the kids section at Walmart. The only disappointing thing about the Rock Hall was that they didn’t have any Beatles shirts for sale. My grandma was extremely disappointed.