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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Going on the MegaBus

To get home in May I am taking the MegaBus to Chicago and catching a flight home from there. My mom and I recently discovered how amazingly cheap the MegaBus is compared to a flight. You can ride the MegaBus for as low as one dollar if you play your cards right. Compared to a 300 dollar flight to Chicago from Cleveland that is a great savings.


The MegaBus is also pretty comfortable. There are tables with benches where you can sit and look out the window. The bus has wifi that you can use as well. It’s pretty bad connection, but sometimes it works! The bus makes one stop for food along the way. There is a bathroom in the bus, so you don’t have to hold it. All in all, the MegaBus is a great, cheap way to travel and I would recommend it to anyone.


Tags: transportation