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THIS IS MY 100th BLOG!!!!

I was wondering what to blog about today and then I realized…. this is my 100th blog! That’s actually a pretty big milestone. Looking back over the blogs I have done these past two years, I realize I have grown so much during my time in college. The awesome thing is that I have a written documentation of my journey all through these blogs. They show frustrations I have dealt with, new experiences, and triumphs.


I look forward to continuing this journey in my next two years at BW. Living so far away from my home has been a struggle, especially when it comes to communicating with my parents. Because of this blog, my dad is able to read about my weekly experiences. Here’s to you daddy! I know you will read this eventually! I love you and look forward to seeing you soon. Anyway, these past 99 blogs have been a blast! Here’s to the next 100!


Tag: 100th BLOG!