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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

First Day of Spring… REALLY?

Yesterday, Wednesday March 20th, was a day we should have all been celebrating and enjoying the warm weather that the first day of spring is supposed to bring. Instead we were all walking with our heads bent against the harsh Ohio wind and enjoying the feeling of lake effect snow pelting us in the face. Obviously, mother nature didn’t get the memo.

When I decided I was going to attend college in Ohio I thought I would be enjoying much warmer weather. I didn’t think that I’d be almost as cold as I was in Alaska on the first day of spring! In Alaska, the first day of spring is a joke because everyone knows that the snow isn’t going to melt anytime soon. For Alaskans, the real first day of spring is usually around the middle to the end of April. I am hoping that Ohio will not disappoint me and get a little warmer at least before then. Take heart fellow yellow jackets! I have faith that it will get better and so should you :)