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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Geese in the Quad!

The other day I was crutching my way to class across the quad near the Math and Computer Science Building when I looked up and saw a whole flock of Canadian Geese sitting in the quad and eating seeds and grass. They were just sitting there like it was no big deal and eating lunch. I swear I was only about one foot away from one goose. I was worried that they might decide to charge me. I can’t move very fast on my crutches, so we all know how that would go.


Back home there is a bird observatory called Creamers Field. Many birds go there to live in a safe place where shooting is prohibited. Even though I have lived near a legitimate and registered bird sanctuary I have never seen them that up close. I was pretty amazed by Mother Nature and all she has to offer. Maybe this means that spring is coming soon! The snow seems to be melting a lot more now.