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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Greek Council Event: Monsters Hockey Gam

Last Friday my friends and I went to the Monsters hockey game against the Texas Stars. The event was sponsored by the Greek Council who bought a whole bunch of tickets and sold them during community hour at the union. The tickets were only fifteen dollars and they were jacket expressible.


The game was great! I’ve never been to a hockey game outside of Alaska. Hockey in Alaska is a big deal, but I had never been to a game in a stadium of this size. At the beginning there was a huge blow up monster that all of the hockey players skated out of to start the game. Of course, there were also hockey fights and really overpriced concessions and people dancing around on the jumbo-tron. I had a really good time and I am planning on going to the next monsters game school trip that Greek Council sponsors. Actually, I think I will go on the next trip regardless of whether or not it is to a Monsters game because I bet it will be a good time whatever we’re doing.