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Wind Chill Advisory for the Next Couple of Days: BRRRRRRR!!!!!


It has been sooooooo cold around here for the last couple of days. You would think that being from Alaska I would be used to the cold of winter, but in Alaska the cold is dry but not humid and bitter. Here in Berea, we live so close to Lake Erie that we are constantly feeling the affects of lake effect snow.


It is so incredibly windy here that no matter how many layers I pack on before I walk to class I still feel like I am wearing shorts and a tea-shirt. Spring needs to get here NOW because I don’t know how much more of this I can take of this weather. My face and hands are always dry from the wind. I have to wear three scarves just to make my face not fall off. I think I speak for most of the student body and the people of Berea that summer can not come any sooner.