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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Seeing the Little, Beautiful Things in Life

I was walking down Seminary St. past Kohler Hall last week enjoying the warm weather. The temperature was 50 degrees and sunny. All of the snow was melting and the grass was finally making an appearance. As I walked down the street I saw this bush with beautiful icicles hanging from its branches. I had to stop and take a picture before I continued walking to the Conservatory.

Springtime is a time to notice the beautiful things in life. This beautiful season reminds me of all of the parts of my life that are happy and that make me smile. Spring is when things are born and made beautiful. In Ohio, the effects of spring are seen more quickly than in Alaska. The signs of spring are seen in middle to late April back home, so the fact that there is no snow in mid February is a rare treat. Here’s to warm weather and noticing the beautiful things that come with it!!!