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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


President Helmer tweeted on Monday afternoon that classes were cancelled on Tuesday due to inclement weather. It was pretty funny the moment it came out. People were running down the street screaming their heads off. “Did you see the tweet?” “Yeah, Helmer said that school is canceled.” “Can you believe there is going to be a -18 degree wind chill?” When I saw the tweet, I found it hard to believe that Helmer would announce a snow day first with a tweet. I didn’t want to believe it until I got an email or a text. I thought that maybe someone hacked Helmer’s twitter account.

The funny thing about snow days here is that they happen when it’s cold. In Alaska, it could be -40 degrees and there would still be school. The only time we have snow days in Alaska is when there is really warm weather and everything melts. Then the temperature drops again and the water freezes on the roads making them icy death traps. So, Ohio closes schools when it’s cold out and Alaska closes schools when its warm out. Our world is weird.