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Annual Trip to Chena Hot Springs

Every Christmas Break my family takes our yearly trip to Chena Hot Springs.  Chena Hot Springs is a resort about an hour and fifteen minutes from my town that consists of a hotel, restaurant, and the natural hot springs from which the resort was named.  There are also a number of other activities such as hiking, rock climbing, dog mushing, helicopter rides, and cross country skiing.  It is a great place to go in the middle of winter when the weather is particularly cold.  You can sink down into the sulfurous hot springs and enjoy a warm and relaxing soak.

One of the coolest attractions of the Chena Hot Springs resort is the ice hotel.

Here is the unique Chena Hot Springs ice hotel. Everything inside of it is carved from ice including the glasses and utensils.  The walls and rooms are made of ice as well.  Admission is expensive, but how many people can say that they slept in a hotel made of ice before?

We usually make it a day trip when we go to the resort so I've never stayed in the ice hotel before.  My family knows the people who maintain it.  They actually held their wedding there!  Needless to say, the bride wore a white parka as her dress.  Chena Hot Springs is a great place to go if you want to enjoy some warm water and see a cool ice hotel.