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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Alaskan Sunrises

I often get up in the morning a lot earlier than my family. I think I’m still on my Baldwin Wallace school schedule. The great thing about getting up around ten o’clock (which is considered “early” in the Stone household during Christmas break) is that I get to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan sunrise. We have a lovely view of the Alaska Mountain Range at my house. Seeing the sunrise behind the mountains is the most calming experience ever. The colors are beautiful.

Around this time of year sunlight is hard to come by. There are only about three hours of daylight before the sun dips behind the mountains. December 21st is called the shortest day of the year in Fairbanks. Some people also call it the darkest day of the year, but I like being more positive. “Darkest Day of the Year” just sounds sad. Having very little daylight just makes the hours that we do have daylight that much more precious. The sunrises are more valuable to Alaskans this time of year than any other.