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Collecting Firewood: Not a fun activity- especially at -40 F

One of my chores when I come home is going outside each day and collecting firewood so my dad can make a fire and heat our house. We have a beautiful stone wood-burning fireplace that supplements the heat in our house so our heating bill isn’t as high. It definitely helps with money, but my dad still complains about how expensive it is to live here.

It’s been pretty chilly lately. We’ve been enduring -40F temperatures for about two weeks now. The cold spell will break soon, but until it does collecting wood is a miserable activity. I hate having to go down into the yard to the woodpile and load a bunch of wood into a sled, which I then haul back up to the house. At least the wood is pre-split. We split all of the wood during the summer when we don’t use our fireplace.

In the picture above, I am getting ready to go outside to get the firewood for that day. I am still in my PJ’s which is why I’m wearing my dad’s parka. A parka is a traditional Alaska Native coat often reserved for very cold weather. They are beautiful as well as effective against the cold. My mom made us all parkas with wolf and rabbit fur ruffs (the outside of the hood) when I was younger. I grew out of mine, but my dad still fits his! I often use it on the really cold days when I have to go outside. Hopefully this cold spell will be over soon!!!