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-40° F and Colder: The Temperatures to Which I am Welcomed

My journey home started at the Cleveland airport at approximately 4:30 am when I was dropped off at the American Airlines Terminal by my roommate’s mom (another huge thank you to my roommate and her family for welcoming me into their home). My first connection was Dallas, Texas of all places where I had an eight-hour layover. Kill me. The Dallas airport is basically like a small city with little shuttles attaching each little part of it (the A, B, C, D, and E gates). However, there is only so much walking and lugging around a heavy backpack and laptop bag that one person can handle before their legs feel like they have been injected with a hard core muscle relaxant.

Finally, I got on the plane to Seattle and arrived in my favorite airport at about 6:00 pm. I grabbed some dinner from a Qudoba (the west coast version of Chipoltle) found my connecting gate to Fairbanks. I walked up to the gate to find that my flight had been delayed an hour. Poop. Thankfully, when you are on a flight going to Fairbanks, Alaska chances are that you know several people on your flight. I got to catch up with an old friend. We finally boarded the plane and I fell asleep (a rare occurrence on airplanes for me) I woke up an hour later to find that we still hadn’t left the tarmac. My rage was great. Finally, we took off and touched down in my hometown of Fairbanks. I was greeted by my amazing family that I had missed very much and the -40 degree temperatures that I had not missed very much. I am still so glad to be home for the holidays, but it is going to be a chilly three and a half weeks!

Here is a look at the delightful weather in Fairbanks, AK this week.

Wish you were here?