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Sam Flows/ Getting it Started /Capital G's.

Wha wha what's happening out there?! This is my uber-intense first post of the year, and I'm adopting a new attitude. Boy the summer season was a hoot, but let me just say, dear readers, that the next few months will be some of the best. "But Sam," you might be thinking, "how could the next few months rock so hard?" Then, of course, you'll realize that I, your guru, your veritable link to the God's (that's right, with a capital 'g' ya'll), will be gracing you with 2 or more blogs every week, for the next 30-40 weeks or so. (I don't care enough about you all to look up the real number of weeks. Get over it. Love you!). I DO care, however, about making sure my AWESOME life becomes seemingly more important than yours, however... however. So sit back, relax, (I know you have nothing else to do), and enjoy the flow of nonsense that ends up being my life here at the insatiable, unrelenting, unforgiving, but always prudent, Baldwin Wallace University.