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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Orientation Transition

I have been a Summer Orientation Leader (OL) at BW for three summers so I have had my fair share of memories and experiences with the program, and this past summer I was one of the Student Directors for the New Student Orientation Program along with Logan Lukacs, and I had such a great experience in the position. This fall we picked the new Student Directors and ended up with two great people. This past weekend Logan and I transitioned the new directors, and it was a surreal experience for me. When Weekend of Welcome was over and everything was wrapped up I knew that I would be emotional and feel nostalgic about my time as an OL, but I was not expecting to have similar feelings while transitioning the two new directors. 

In the process of transitioning them Logan and I went through our overall experience with the position and gave advice about different steps along the way. I had never really thought about all of the different things that we did and accomplished in our time as directors so it was strange hearing everything about the experience verbalized. I found my mind wandering back this time last year when I found out I got the position and that nervous excitement that I had to learn as much as possible about not only the position but myself as well, and hoped that these two new directors were feeling something similar.