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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Senior Scheduling

 This past weekend I scheduled for my last semester at Baldwin Wallace. It was surreal thinking about the classes that I would be taking during my final months as an undergraduate student. I will be taking classes that are pretty spread out in different subject areas which is good because I think that will keep me interested in the different areas. In the past when my classes have all been similar it was difficult to stay interested because at times it felt like all the information was the same and it was hard to remember which specific information came from which class. 

I am taking two psychology classes, a legal class, an honors class and sign language two. I think that I am most excited to continue with the sign language class, currently I am enrolled in sign language one and have really enjoyed the experience so far. I have enjoyed learning sign language and learning about the culture of people who are deaf as well. It has been interesting to learn about all of the creative ways that have been used in the past and currently used to accomplish everyday tasks by individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. Next semester it seems like we will learn more about sign language itself and hopefully work toward becoming fluent in the language.