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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Excitement at Work

I work in an office building about 10 minutes away from BW, today I went in at 8:30am like any typical day, but today was different. About 20 minutes into work the power for the whole building went out! The power flickered back on two times but then it stayed out for good. We waited around for a little bit and then our boss decided that it would be best if we all just worked from home for the day. Which was exciting news! 

While he was telling us to gather up work to take home for the day he also decided that we should take home enough work for today and tomorrow. Since we are expecting lots of snow here tonight(6-10 inches) he decided it would be best if we all worked from home tomorrow as well! It was really exciting to be able to head home early today and work from home both today and tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed that BW classes will get cancelled tomorrow as well.