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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Last First Week

Since I am a senior this past week has been my last first week of undergraduate classes! It is crazy to think that I will be graduating in a few short months. I had a great time over break, but it went by way too quickly. I spent my break with family, catching up with friends from home and working at a retail store. Our store was crazy in the weeks leading up to Christmas! Once the holidays were over we finally got a chance to get the store reorganized and start to prepare for a launch of new product in one of the lines that we carry. It was strange thinking that this could be the last relaxing winter break that I may ever have. When I got back to BW after break it really hit me that I will be graduating, last semester I constantly found myself saying "at least I still have next semester", and now that last semester is here.

I am excited to see what life after BW will hold for me, currently I am waiting to hear back from law schools. After I hear back from the schools that I applied to I will really get an idea of what my life will be like. Looking around I am recognizing that my friends I may end up scattered around Ohio and the country. Leaving my friends is definitely the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around at this point. I am confident that we will be able to keep in touch after we graduate, but it will be a big adjustment going from living in the same house with some of my best friends to being states apart.