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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Student Spotlights

Robert Neiss

student photo
  1. Major

    Math & German

  2. Minor

    Adolescent/Young Adult Education

  3. Hometown

    Buffalo, NY

  4. Biography

    BW Football Team (Fall 2007, Fall 2008)

    BW Baseball Team (Spring 2008, Spring 2009)

    Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity (Fall 2008-Present)

    German Club (Fall 2007-Present)

    German Club Treasurer (2008-2009 School Year)

    German Club President (Fall 2009-Present)

    Weekend of Welcome Orientation Leader (2009, 2010)

    Dance Marathon (2011)

    Student Director of the New Student Orientation Program (2011)

Questions and answers

Why did you choose to attend Baldwin-Wallace?

I actually applied to 14 different schools and had no clue of where I wanted to go. After narrowing it down to four schools, I did an overnight at those schools to get a feel for them. When I was at BW, I just felt at home. The people were welcoming and friendly. It just seemed like a great atmosphere to be in.

What is your favorite thing about BW?

The people. The students are really friendly. As you're walking from class to class, people you don't even know will smile at you. Everyone's very friendly. Also the professor's are great too. They really take an interest in your learning and want you to learn. They offer many outside the classroom experiences that you wouldn't get at most colleges. For example, the German professor will have his students over his house once a month, and cook a German meal and get to know the students better. I don't think many professors would be so inviting at other schools.

What has BW helped you learn about yourself?

It's really helped me find what I'm most passionate about. Through all of my courses and organizations, I've realized what I'm passionate about and therefore, what I want to do with my life.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Overnight at all of the schools you're considering. It's the best way to get a feel for the campus and students. Also, pick your school based on where you feel comfortable. Don't go where all of your friends are going, just because they're going there. Make the decision based on where you feel you fit best.