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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Community, Frisbee, and the Ugliest Spot on Campus

I sometimes get the question, why did I come to BW?  Clearly it was a decision that had many factors.  What's more interesting is exactly when I decided to come to BW.

Like a lot of prospective students, I came to BW for an Overnight Visit.  I wanted to see what students were actually like, and what the food tasted like, and how classes were.  So I came to BW, sleeping bag and backpack, excited to see if this was the school for me. 

Obviously, something worked out as I ended up here.  But what was funny was during that visit it wasn't sitting in a classroom, or wandering through the quad.  As I was visiting on a Thursday night I attended our campus program Midnight Madness, or MNM.  I remember we played glow in the dark volleyball around midnight, which was awesome.  Walking back from the event to the dorms some of the students I was with pulled out a frisbee and began to toss it around on a side street.  And I love frisbee.  It was then that I knew I wanted to go to BW. 

What is funny in retrospect is that the particular spot we were in is not the prettiest spot on campus.  In fact, I think I found the singular area on BW's campus that isn't absolutely gorgeous.  However, as part of BW's renovations, that particular spot is going to be a new green space on campus. 

It looks like I knew what was going to be there before anyone else.