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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


One of my favorite courses I’ve taken here at BW has been self-defense.  For me, it was part of my core credits and fulfilled the Health and Physical Education requirement necessary for graduation.  So when selecting courses, I decided self-defense sounded like something that would both be fun and useful.

During the course that met for half a semester, twice a week, we learned a variety of skills.  We would practice everything from learning a proper way to kick to finding pressures points on your opponent.  As someone who is 5’2”, I really enjoyed finding ways of protecting myself.  It also ended up being a great stress relief in the middle of the day and a big change from my normal routine of papers and lectures.

My favorite part of the class, however, was the final.  I think it was my first class where my favorite part was the final!  What we were required to do was break a board.  Now, we had some options where you could kick, punch, or chop the board.  The instructor recommended the less physically strong members of the class kick through the board, but I took that as a personal challenge to punch through the board.  When it was my turn, my good friend held the board, and sure enough, I was able to punch right through it! I walked around that day with a giant smile on my face.  I still have the pieces of the board today.