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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Sock Puppet Theatre

One of the nice things about having to take such a variety of classes at BW is that you end up doing things you never thought you would.  For instance, if you would’ve told me that I would one day write and act in a play about violence in nursing homes, and then perform that play with sock puppets, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you.  However, my sophomore year at BW that’s exactly what I did. 
The assignment was part of a yearlong course looking at violence in America.  The first half of the course was a political science class where we went over the history and social implications of violence.  The second half was where things got interesting, as we were required to come up with a creative staging of some of what we had learned.  Along with two of my friends, I decided that yet another serious piece on the somber topic wouldn’t do.  So we brought in sock puppets.  And then the piece started to turn out to be more comedic.  Our finished product was so much fun to perform because it had become a way to take a serious topic and present it in a way that would be engaging and memorable to our audience.
You never do quite know what you might end up doing at BW!