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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Student Spotlights

Pat Messenger

student photo
  1. Class Year


  2. Major

    Public Relations

  3. Minor

    Organizational Leadership

  4. Hometown

    Madison, Ohio

  5. Biography

    I'm an avid laugher who enjoy going on adventures and taking chances.

    I am involved with:

    Senior Class Officers, Vice President

    Campus Entertainment Productions

    Sigma Phi Epsilon

    Study Abroad, Australia

Questions and answers

Why did you choose to attend Baldwin-Wallace?

I chose to attend Baldwin Wallace after I came for a campus visit. During my tour I had total strangers waving and smiling at me as I would walk past them. No, not the creepy wave/smile. The genuine smile you receive in your hometown from your friends. I was hooked from that moment.

What is your favorite thing about BW?

The people! BW is a unique place in the sense that no matter where I've went on campus, I've been able to make a friend. The size of the campus really enables students, staff and faculty to see familiar faces on a daily basis and start those meaningful relationships that could last a lifetime!

What has BW helped you learn about yourself?

BW has taught me that no matter what may happen, I can always move forward. Mistakes happen, but if I communicate and learn from them, there is always another way to get where I want to be.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Don't hesitate. If you want to be successful, be successful. A positive attitude and a willingness to explore will lead you to many places.

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