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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Where is the sun????

Okay, so, spring break just ended. When I say that I expect to see flowers blooming, maybe a few spring showers and the sun beaming down its wonderful rays of light. Too bad Mother Nature is really throwing a curve ball at us this year. The past week has exhausted me. No, I haven't started that rigorous workout plan or that eat-nothing-but-veggies diet, I'm exhausted because of the weather. It has been absolutely dreary and depressing. I am a suffered of SAD. You know, that seasonal something-something. What it means is that you get sad when the weather is terrible. I'm not a person who thrives in rainy and dark conditions. I prefer the sun, a breeze, the beach and a margarita in my hand (don't worry, I'm legal). 


Anyways, when the weather is this terrible (okay, lets be real, the weather isn't that terrible right now, it could be worse, but I am ready for sunshine...) I am thankful that I attend BW. Why? Because the longest walk you will ever have is 12 minutes, 15 if you're moving like a hippopotamus. Seriously. I visit larger campuses, a lot, and when I do, I'm winded... **ALERT, ALERT** GO TO THE GYM... Sorry for the side-note... BW's campus is the perfect size. It was great to start a run and go into the Metroparks and be one with nature on your run. 


I love Ohio, but this weather, c'mon Momma Nature, help us out and give us some sunshine!