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Working the stress out

As I get ready to graduate and move to Chicago, I can feel an enormous amount of anxiety and stress building around me. When I studied abroad in Australia, I found out something. Working out (mostly running) is a great stress reliever for me. Everyone has their own methods of ridding themselves of stress and I've learned that it is important to do these activities as often as possible. The past couple of weeks have been rough for me. A few weekends ago I visited a friend at a large university in Ohio. During this time, I managed to slip on ice and bruise a rib. Since Dance Marathon is right around the corner, my doctor told me to take it easy... AKA NO RUNNING. Originally, I was like "OH YEAH! I don't have to exercise-- Doctor's orders." But now, I can tell the affect not exercising is having on me. No, I haven't gained 500 pounds or anything dramatic like that, but I can tell that without exercising, I sometimes on edge. I don't go crazy, but I'm not as calm as I normally am. If you know me, you know my calm is usually equivalent to the average person's hyper. I am just a high-strung person, I guess. But in reality, I'm still learning about myself. I never exercised before Australia, besides when I was out-on-the-town and dancing... Ha! But now, that I'm getting back into the horrible habit of not running, my body is telling me to go back, but I can't risk my rib not healing because, again, Dance Marathon is SATURDAY! 

Oh-- quick side-note: Dance Marathon is a 12-hour "dance-athon" (as my Grandma calls it) that benefits the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Read more about the foundation here: pedaids.org

Well, that is it for me. The semester is picking up speed and between my internship, classes and socializing, I am swamped! 


Happy Wednesday!