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Valentine's Day!

Hello!!! So, I can blog about anything I want to blog about, and guess what I am blogging about?! One of my favorite holidays-- VALENTINE'S DAY. Sure, I'm in a great relationship, but Valentine's has always been a favorite holiday of mine, single or in a relationship. Why? Because of the candy. Valentine's Day is just like Halloween, minus dressing up. Also, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to buy something for myself. Ha. Sort of selfish, right? Whatever. Ha! Ha! Anyways, I have a test, that is right-- A TEST, on my favorite holiday. Since I am such a great student, I'll be attending this exam and hopefully I will get an A+, but no matter what, I will have a nice mound of chocolate kisses waiting for me when I get home. I seem to favor holidays that I eat a lot on... Woops, I'm a total foodie. 

Oh! And I love when the Union (where we eat everyday) always transforms itself into a romantic get-away for those couples looking for a fancy meal that they can swipe. Talk about a hot date... But seriously, any of my friends with Jacket Express money... Do you want to buy me a fancy dinner at the Union?  

Happy Thursday, everyone!