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Successful Alumni

When I was trying to figure out what college I wanted to attend after high school, I was more concerned about what the food at the school was like more than anything else-- sorry, I'm a fat kid at heart. Anyways, now that I am in my last semester at BW, I've begun to realize how important it is to have successful alumni from your college. I've reached out to a lot of BW graduates who are in Chicago (where I want to move) and they are always willing to help me with my job search. Of course, they aren't going to find the jobs for me, but they are more than willing to connect me with the right people so I can find the jobs I'm looking for. 

 The idea of successful alumni really set in this pass week in my public relations capstone course. We had two recent graduates come and speak to our class and their journeys in public relations. It is so inspiring to see successful alumni because all what you hear is how it is so hard to get a job now-a-days. Moments like these always remind me why I chose to attend BW, the people. I think it is part of our personalities-- you know, BW students are the type of students that believe in relationships and know that you have to work to succeed. But don't you worry, I've also learned that no matter how hard we work for success, we always find time to play! After all, the four years you spend in college are four of the best years of your life.