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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Student Spotlights

Olivia Dozier

student photo
  1. Class Year


  2. Major

    Pre-Nursing (Biology)

  3. Minor


  4. Hometown

    Cleveland, OH

  5. Biography

    I'm a Junior student at BW but it's only my second year here. I received and transferred 36 college credits through a program called High Tech Academy; similar to the PSEOP program. At Baldwin Wallace University I'm involved in a Sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and I absolutely love being apart of such an awesome sisterhood. I'm also involved in Spanish Club and I attend many different events at BW.

Questions and answers

Why did you choose to attend Baldwin-Wallace?

I chose BW because I come from a small school and seeing that BW isn't a college with over 20,000 students, this was the right place for me. Also it's close to home, so it makes commuting easy. Another reason I choose BW is because I'm a mother and here at BW they support and help young mothers to pursue their passion and career goals. They also have single-parent housing for mothers who are not able to commute. I might consider in living there in the near future.

What is your favorite thing about BW?

My favorite thing about BW is being involved in Alpha Gamma Delta. I never thought I would join a sorority but I'm glad I did because I met some amazing women that I can now call my sisters. I also like the friendly, supportive, and helpful people on the campus. It could be a professor, staff, or even just a student either way there's always someone there to help you with anything.

What has BW helped you learn about yourself?

BW has helped me learn how to be apart of something and calling it my own. I'm a commuter and all through out last school year I didn't get too involved and I didn't make that many friends. Before this school year started I told myself that all that was going to change and I pushed myself out of my comfort box and showed people how great I really am. Now I'm apart of Alpha Gamma Delta and ended up with friends for a lifetime.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

I advise prospective students to be prepare for the bad and good times that college has to offer and to never give up! Always remember that change is not always bad, so if you decide your major isn't right for you it's ok to change your mind. Also, don't take life too seriously and just have fun, so you can have an awesome college experience. Academics comes first but don't forget to sleep and make good friends that will always be by your side no matter what.

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