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One More Week

Ok I may be jumping ahead of myself but there is only one week of classes left and then next week is finals! OMG thank goodness! I’m really hitting my breaking point because I have sooooo much work to complete in sooooo little time. I don’t think I’m going to get much sleep over the next two weeks. This week I have a 6-page paper due (which I completed over thanksgiving break), a presentation to give, and then a lab practical! But on top of all that I have to prepare for FINALS!!!!  I just want to climb into bed and hide under my covers! The worst part is I can feel myself coming down with a cold AGAIN! Something is seriously wrong with me and I don’t want to go and bother my doctor again. Hmm…maybe it’s just the stress.

I just can’t wait to be on break. I have so many things plan for the upcoming weeks. Over break I’m going to be working, spending time with my family (especially my daughter), and then I’m going to go see my lovely boyfriend in Florida. I miss everyone so much! I feel like I get so tied up into my schoolwork that I go MIA on the world. These next two years is crunch time and I have to keep my grades up if I want to make a better future for my daughter and I.  Everyday I just keep telling myself that everything will get done and it will pay off in the future. The future sounds like a nice place and I can’t wait to live in it.