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The Countdown Begins!

I can’t believe that there is only two weeks left of school and then finals! Omg! Time is going by way too fast! I just hope I can get almost all A’s!  This week I’m going to talk to the professors that haven’t post grades up all semester because I would like to know where I stand. The Spanish department is known for not posting grades up during the semester. I guess it’s nice that they take participation into consideration so I could have a higher grade than I think. I’m so nervous about getting this five page paper done in Spanish! I remember when I use to complain about one page Spanish papers and now I have a whole essay to write! I know it’s going to get done so there is really no point in worrying anymore. I have to fake it until I make it.

That motto has been working very well for me this semester I must say. Like I said you have to keep pushing yourself and you will become a stronger person…believe me! Baldwin Wallace University will not hold your hand and tell you the answers to everything. I learned that the hard way my freshman year. I honestly wish I could go back to that year because I know for a fact that I can do better! Even though I can’t go back to the past I will enter the future with a much better outlook on my academic life.