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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

What You Least Expect

I checked online for my grade on my last exam in Botany and surprisingly I got an A!!! I’m totally mind blown because I thought I did awful! I didn’t have time to complete the exam so I rushed through it and my professor gave me an extra 3 min, which seemed like 1 min! So I didn’t think I was going to pull an A. I was aiming towards a low B but I’m happy I got an A. I find it funny how every time I think I’m doing badly in class I’m actually doing really well. Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the rest of the semester.

The semester is almost over and around this time I usually try to check in with my professors to see where I stand far as my grades. I do this because I want to stay on top of my schoolwork because I’m striving to make the deans list. It’s important to set short-term goals for yourself because it’s rewarding when you actually accomplish them. Also I would like to VP of Scholarship in my chapter and I think it would look really good if I manage to stay on top of my own grades.