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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Bid Day


As I held the manila envelope in my hand ready to rip off the top I constantly thought "what if i don't get into the sorority i want?". During the whole sorority recruitment I thought that I would fit in with one sorority and then the next day they would turn me down. I was really lost Preference  (the night when you're only allowed to have up to two invites from a chapter) night because I didn't know who to pick or if i would like either of them. I wanted to be involved in a sisterhood that was real and that wouldn't change me but make me a better person. When Marc West made the count down to opening our envelopes i was nervous and exited!! Once I heard go I instantly opened the envelope and inside there was another envelope and it was hard to open but i seen the Sorority name seep through the envelope and it said Alpha Gamma Delta!! I was thrilled and it was a moment that i knew i would never forget. All the new members was lead to the Marting stairs where all of the sorority chapters were cheering and ready to take us under their arm. When they announced my name and Sorority, my sisters ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug of welcome! It was so beautiful and that's when i knew i belonged!