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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Informal Recruitment

 My sorority just completed another form of recruitment, which was informal recruitment. So the girls who didn’t go through formal have the opportunity to go to our informal. It’s more laid back and not as firm structure. We set different themes for each night. For example we have movie night and we bond watching movies, painting nails, and just having good conversation.  Each sorority informal recruitment is different. Some only host one night of informal, which is different from mine because we have about 3-4 nights of informal.

I like informal recruitment a lot because it’s not as stressful as formal. We get to have a lot of fun and there aren’t a lot of girls so it’s not as overwhelming. We get to wear our normal clothes and it only takes two hours out of our day. Also because there are less girls it gives more time to bond with each girl and get to know them a lot better.